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Thursday, June 3 - Sober Grad Night Snapshot

Chico High Safe and Sober Grad Night is a Volunteer Group of Parents and Community Members who work to provide a safe place for Graduating Seniors to gather and celebrate on Graduation Night.

Statistics show that the percentage of alcohol related automobile accidents spikes on Graduation Night. By providing a FUN and inclusive place for kids to celebrate, we hope to minimize the number of kids at risk for unsafe behavior on Grad Night!

Due to the COVID pandemic, times have been especially difficult on our teens and young adults. Although it is still not completely certain that we will be allowed to have our event, a group of parents is still working to raise money and move forward with plans, in hopes that we will be able to provide a safe and FUN environment for these deserving seniors. The night will include Entertainment, Music, Movies, Food and PRIZES!

We are planning to include COVID safety protocol and take measures to do our best to minimize the risk for all in attendance. By doing so, we feel that it may not only protect these kids from potential drunk driving accidents, but also help to minimize the risk of spreading the disease at unchaperoned parties.

Please help us raise the much-needed funds to host this fun event in honor of our Seniors by donating an item for our auction or a tax-deductible cash donation. Thank you! 

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Contact:  Janie Murray or Leslie Fortier at 530-433-4436
Chico High Sober Grad Night
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